Fabric Care & Description

Fabric Care

  • Hand wash in cool to warm water using mild soap or shampoo. Do not use bleach.
  • For scarves and clothing use a few drops of hair conditioner in the rinse water for a soft texture. Roll fabric in towel to remove moisture.
  • Air dry.
  • Iron on silk setting while damp, if needed.
  • Wrinkled garments can be hung in the bathroom during a shower and the humidity will remove most creases.
  • Or dry clean.
  • All fabrics are colorfast. Do not hang any fabric in direct sunlight.
  • Fabric Descriptions

    • Silk Crepe de Chine - a classic, silk with a subtle luster. Drapes well.
    • Silk Charmeuse - a pearly satin finish on one side and a crepe back. Drapes beautifully, a little heavier and luxurious.
    • Devore Rayon and Silk- a rayon satin design on a background of sheer silk chiffon. The rayon and silk dye in different shades of a color.
    • Devore or Cut Velvet- a rayon pile design on a sheer silk background, beautiful depth. The rayon and silk dye in different shades of a color.
    • Silk Jacquard- a fabric with a woven pattern which adds depth and dimension to hand painted designs. Silky and soft.
    • Satin Stripe Silk- a fabric with alternating shimmery, satin stripes and matt chiffon.
    • Light and soft.
    • Silk Chiffon- a sheer crepe weave. Drapes well.


    Garments pictured here have been custom designed for my customers.

    Please contact me or call me at 802.365.4201 if you are interested in:

    • Custom clothing designs~ which are always welcome
    • Close up photos for clothing

    Custom work usually take from 3-8 weeks.

    You can coordinate wedding gifts of scarves or shawls with your Chuppah.

    See fabric care and fabric descriptions page for further information concerning care or types of fabric.

    I also design and paint fabric that can be used by you or your seamstress to construct a garment.

    Shipping is free/tax is included in price

    Public Art

    Please contact me or call me at 802.365.4201 to discuss commissions and find out how together, we can make your ideas into reality!