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    Some scarves are single layers with hand rolled edges, others are two layers stitched on the inside. Please read scarf descriptions.



Garments pictured here have been custom designed for my customers.

Please contact me or call me at 802.365.4201 if you are interested in:

  • Custom clothing designs~ which are always welcome
  • Close up photos for clothing

Custom work usually take from 3-8 weeks.

You can coordinate wedding gifts of scarves or shawls with your Chuppah.

See fabric care and fabric descriptions page for further information concerning care or types of fabric.

I also design and paint fabric that can be used by you or your seamstress to construct a garment.

Shipping is free/tax is included in price

Public Art

Please contact me or call me at 802.365.4201 to discuss commissions and find out how together, we can make your ideas into reality!